Open Air Retail/Food Truck Proposal for 7411 Santa Monica Blvd. at Vista

A privately owned open air property requiring a lease that is developed with a brick/mortar structure, brick and cement patios, a handicapped ramp, and electricity and plumbing.

Introducing the Co.lective Corner Market.

An open-to-the-public, pop-up outdoor retail marketplace

featuring the products of a rotating mix of innovative LA-based brands and up to 4 food trucks,

also including Free Wifi and lounge/dining areas for up to 40.


Co.lective will display and sell products from a variety of LA-based lifestyle brands, including:

​Clothing - Women's, Men's, Kids  |  Jewelry and Fashion Accessories  |  Home Goods and Accessories  |  Gift Items  |  Sporting Goods and Apparel


(Sample images to convey the intended feel of the co.lective corner market)



Open Wednesdays - Sundays

11:00am - 8:00pm.


Modular structures like these, will be placed around the property to enclose, sell, and display all merchandise.  

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 7.48.37 PM.png95c0801a6b6dc0501f89c1b69a5a82eb.jpg5899261caf7c34f4a0e2533a3c53373f.jpg

Modular units will be enhanced, painted and outfitted to create a steady in/out, walkable flow through the merchandise displays as well as the open-air environment.  Patios, walkways, and seating/lounging areas will be enhanced with plants and potted shade trees.   


We will feature a curated mix of products from LA-based lifestyle and fashion brands, (with a focus on Made in LA, sustainable, eco-friendly, give-back brands).


Ambient music will stream via ipod in the background.

One food truck will sell coffee/pastries, etc.  And 1-3 additional food trucks (up to 4 trucks maximum) will sell various lunch items.  (No alcohol will be sold, only food.)  This gives people even more of a reason to enter the market, stay, hang out, and do their own work from their computers.


Electricity and plumbing is onsite.  (Potentially with bathroom already installed in small house, otherwise will rent a nice trailor bathroom - no porta potties).


Free wifi incentivizes shoppers to stay awhile and hang out, thus increasing chances for sales and allowing brands to best utilize the day.

Why this type of business?

1.  This business plan is conceived because this space exists as it does, where it does.  Every time I walk by, I wonder why a business like this isn't already happening.  This business plan can start almost immediately without the need to rebuild or develop the land.  It takes advantage of the existing brick patios and sections of soil and cement.  And the neighbors will welcome a new business withouth the hassle of dealing with more construction.  

2.  Brands are eager to sell directly to the public in outdoor venues and pop-ups such as this.  Bulletin is a business hosting pop-ups in NYC that provides a point of comparison to this proposed business plan.  

3.  This area is experiencing rapid growth, increased foot traffic and neighborhood revitalization.  With Trader Joes, new condos, and the revitalization of the historic Hollywood Warner Studios across the street, residents and professionals will find this market to be a convenient and inspiring place to meet for a quick lunch, take a break during their day, and find some unique items from LA brands. 

4.  Shoppers are looking for more entertainment and mixed uses out of their retail experiences, including coffe and food options, and millennials are looking to support more authentic, transparent, up and coming brands.

5.  The organizer has 17 years of experience in event planning, retail management, fashion sales, and production/manufacturing.  If this business is permitted, this website is equipped to become an e-commerce marketplace selling all the products offered by vendors participating in the market. 


Points of Consideration

Parking and Load In / Load Out

  • The alley at the back entrance off Vista provides ample temporary load in / load out space (if allowed).
  • Will research and contact all nearby parking garages and lots (ex. Trader Joes, Target structure, Plummer Park, etc) and will arrange to provide one validated parking space to each vendor while onsite.
  • Customers can park in any available space nearby.  Many customers will arrive via foot traffic, Lyft/Uber, and public transportation, and we can help promote use of public transportation.

Waste Removal

  • Will arrange nightly removal of trash and coordination with Athens waste removal/recycling services.
  • All seating areas will be condensed and secured each evening.

Lot Improvement

  • On areas with soil/rocks, synthetic turf will be laid.  
  • White metal pole fence will be freshly painted, with future updated fence/wall options to be considered.  
  • Potted shade trees will be brought in and new shade/weather installations will be added over time.
  • No noisy, dusty, lengthy and unsightly construction needed to start this business.  

Community Giveback and Involvement

  • Portions of revenue will be donated to local organizations working to solve our homelessness crisis.
  • Booth space can be allocated to other local non-profits and community-improvement organizations.