Benefits of selling with co.lective!

Increase your sales channels

It's a competitive world in fashion sales and you're already out there meeting with buyers, exhibiting at tradeshows, and hustling your product however you can.  

Co.lective offers you an easier sales channel, online, direct to consumer, where you don't have to get the buyer's approval to reach the consumer.

With co.lective, you get your own beautifully merchandised store and promotion in our marketplace where we share your brand's story with our co.lectors.

It's super easy to start selling with us!

Don't worry, there's no complicated spread sheets to fill out when you sell with us.  We do all the work!  We just need your linesheet of available products and high res images and we'll put your store together for you.

Keep more money from each sale!

When you sell with co.lective, you keep 70% of full MSRP!  

That's a huge markup compared to wholesale!

Get paid immediately and automatically!

There's no monthly invoicing or chasing money - wondering when your check's going to arrive.  When you make a sale with us, deposits are issued immediately and automatically into your account!

Easy shipping and return process

We cover the costs of shipping, thus offering our co.lectors FREE SHIPPING on all orders!  You simply print out the prepaid shipping label and slap it on the box when your product is ready to ship out!  It's that easy!

Returns aren't a headache with us either.  The customer gets 14 days to decide on a return or exchange.  You get feedback as to why the customer is returning the item.  Once you confirm the product is received in original condition, the funds are automatically credited back to the customer. 

So start selling with us today!

Click here to learn more details about selling with co.lective, and feel free to email us if you have more questions.  Then SIGN UP today!