Fashion events, art openings, networking mixers, cocktail parties...

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We love any excuse to get dressed up!

For all the events and occassions for which you get to pull out your favorite dress or dapper suit - we salute thee! 

For a great signature dress that shows off your exquisite sense of style, look no further than Few Moda.  Architectural details and vibrant prints (plus most styles are less than $100!) make this your go-to brand for dressing to impress...

A stand-out skirt

Show off your eye for art...

"Where's your flair?"

Whether you get all dressed up or prefer a silk blouse under a leather jacket for your art and fashion events, show off your style with a great statement necklace.

Draw some compliments with the creative touch of a silk screen-printed scarf with original artwork.  Simply tie it to your handbag, or have fun and tie it around your hair.

A great statement necklace will dress up any outfit...

Perhaps long, dangling earrings are more your style?

Ethereal colors make a great accent piece

For the guys - high calibur looks