Whether your jumping on the metro or unlocking your bike...

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The key to successfully maneuvering public transit, any New Yorker or San Franciscanite will tell you, is literally having your shit together.  A great bag will bring your life together.  A cool watch will keep you on track.  And easy out-of-the-way jewelry will complete your look.  Next stop... walkability.  

a perfectly bike-able summer outfit

cool pieces that don't get in the way...

We're all headed somewhere...

Every second of our days, we're headed somewhere - even if we're standing still.  

I hope you're putting yourself out there and never settling for less than what your talents can provide.  

If you feel like you're stuck, find a way out.  If you're stagnating, shake things up and never stop reimagining your ultimate potential - even if it's just during your muni ride... 


to meet a prospective clientKajanCakePiecedSkirt.jpg

to meet a prospective client

to interview for that creative position you really wantFMWhiteStripedSweater1.jpg

to interview for that creative position you really want

to meet an old friend for lunchKajanCakeStripeSkirt.jpg

to meet an old friend for lunch

crunch out those last few pages... you really deserve that happy hour later!

Enjoy all of these hussle-ready pieces for cool urbanites who are going places!