Working remotely has its perks, especially in the form of your afternoon pick-me-up!

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Coffee to the People in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury neighborhood

One of my all-time favorite coffee shops to spend an afternoon working is Coffee to the People on Haight and Masonic in San Francisco.  Ample seating with nearby plugs, great tea and coffee selection, and great pastries and lunch quiches kept us coming back. 

That, and the fact that we could take an interesting stroll down one of the world's most colorful streets when you finished work. 

When you head out for the day to your favorite coffee shop, dressing comfortably and in layers is key.  You'll obviously be toting your laptop, so you need a great work bag.  Satch and Fable is THE brand for the best laptop bag!

Check out our recommendations of what to wear when you're working remotely or enjoying a casual Saturday at your favorite local coffee shop!

THE work bag for life! Satch and Fable

A watch that will have cute strangers asking you for the time...

A casual top that reminds you what you're working toward...

An easy necklace you can play with when you're thinking of what to write next...

A cool graphic tee

An easy, comfortable dress or skirt

Layer up to enjoy their patio seating